I’m thrilled to be starting this new blog after almost 14 years of full-time online entrepreneurship. From receiving a Ph.D. in psychology to mastering the digital world, I’m here to share my insights to help you succeed online.

How It Started

Growing up in the era before the internet, my curiosity was ignited when I discovered the worldwide web in the 90s. After earning my Ph.D. in psychology, I initially embarked on a traditional academic career. However, the lure of the internet’s endless possibilities was irresistible, and in 2009 I made the bold decision to become a full-time online entrepreneur.

First Steps and Initial Success

The first steps were challenging. I dabbled in everything from blogging to affiliate marketing. I made the bulk of my earnings through writing. While I earned enough to pay my bills, I was not buying any Maseratis. By 2012, I had established DonKatCha LLC and ventured into the creative world of jewelry-making, thanks to YouTube tutorials. A year later, I launched an Etsy shop, which, over time, I grew into a successful six-figure business.

How It’s Going

In 2022, I made a significant pivot – retiring from jewelry-making to focus on building digital products. My journey is a real testament to the flexibility of the digital world. There are so many opportunities that can be tailored to your specific preferences.

Creating a Resource

My goals with this blog include sharing my experiences and insights with you while also providing valuable resources, strategies, and news geared toward online entrepreneurs. Whether you’re an established entrepreneur looking to scale or a newcomer to the digital landscape, there’s something here for you.

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donyell katina

Growing up in the era before the internet, my life changed when I discovered the worldwide web in the 90s. All of a sudden, tons of information and opportunities were available at my fingertips. After earning my Ph.D. in psychology and a short stint in academia, I transitioned to complete online entrepreneurship in 2009. Currently, I run multiple online businesses and now share my experiences to inspire future digital entrepreneurs.