Printing costs for Amazon KDP are set to change at 12:00 AM UTC on June 20, 2023. These changes include an increase in the fixed cost for paperback and hardcover books, a new cost for books with large trim sizes, and a decrease in the per-page cost for certain color-ink print books from some marketplaces.

These changes will affect the cost of proof and author copies and may alter the minimum list price for books, impacting royalties. If a book’s list price falls below the new minimum, the royalty will be zero. Authors can update list prices individually or in bulk to maintain current royalties.

Resources are available to help authors understand the new pricing structure and how it affects their books, including a downloadable list of books (in your specific account) that will fall below the new minimum list price.

The changes will also affect royalty payment amounts, but not the payment schedule. Authors will still receive their royalty payments as usual.

Read a detailed description of the changes, here.

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