My name is Donyell.

I grew up before the  Internet, where the extent of my knowledge was whatever was contained in my high school’s library’s outdated and incomplete encyclopedia set.

By the mid ’90s, I discovered the Internet and was instantly enthralled with the possibilities. I suddenly had access to information that was previously not available to me and could connect with people all over the world. I was hooked.

After receiving my Ph.D. in psychology in 2006, I was convinced that I  wanted an academic career because that was what all the cool kids did.  As I traveled down that path, I began to feel a void in my life.  Something had to give and it ended up being me. So I decided to take my own advice and do something about it.

Throughout my journey of self-discovery, I revisited my passion for the internet and its endless possibilities. In 2009, I transitioned from academia to become a full-time online entrepreneur. I engaged in a range of freelance work, including blogging and affiliate marketing.

In 2012, I established DonKatCha LLC and learned jewelry-making through YouTube tutorials. Just a year later, I launched my first Etsy shop and successfully grew my business to six figures.

In 2022, I retired from my jewelry-making business to focus on building digital products.

Now, as I venture into focusing primarily on creating digital products, I am excited to share my knowledge and experiences with others and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs to chase their dreams and unlock their own endless possibilities.