Amazon KDP Requires Declaration of AI-Generated Content

Amazon KDP Requires Declaration of AI-Generated Content

Amazon KDP now requires writers to declare whether their content is AI-generated (text, images, or translations) when publishing or editing a book uploaded to KDP. This requirement only applies to AI-generated and not AI-assisted content.

When using KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) to publish or update a book, it's important to understand the distinction between AI-generated and AI-assisted content:

1. AI-Generated Content: This refers to content (text, images, or translations) that is primarily created by an AI-based tool. Even if you make significant edits to this content afterward, it's still considered AI-generated. You must inform KDP if you used AI tools to generate this content.

2. AI-Assisted Content: On the other hand, AI-assisted content is material you've created yourself and then used AI-based tools to enhance, refine, error-check, or improve it. This includes using AI for brainstorming and generating ideas but ultimately creating the content yourself. You do not need to inform KDP about the use of AI tools or processes in this case.

Regardless of whether content is AI-generated or AI-assisted, it's your responsibility to ensure that it complies with all content guidelines, such as avoiding copyrighted material. If you used AI to create content, you should review and edit it as necessary to meet these guidelines before publishing. In addition, it is crucial to verify the facts generated by AI. Basically, if you choose to use AI, you must do your due diligence to verify content legitimacy and that you are not violating any copyrights.

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